Gold leaf

Leaf precious metals - the thinnest elastic sheets of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, used for coating and decorating items made of stone, metal, wood, plaster, and other types of surfaces.

We have a rich experience in the production of metals for artistic decoration. Using modern technology we have preserved ancient traditions gold smithing skill.

Liquid Gold

Corporation "Raritet" - Manufacturer of ultrathin coating of precious metal offers you the precious metal preparations intended for painting glass and ceramic surfaces as the wrist, and screen printing method.

As part of the preparation precious metal used typically gold or platinum, which are contained in the product in the range of from 4 to 12 percent.

Edible Gold

The "Raritet corporation» is pleased to present trade mark «Dear Chef».

«Dear Chef» is a manufacturer and supplier of exclusive supplements to create exclusive culinary masterpieces. Edible gold and silver can turn food culinary specialties in genuine works of art, giving them a special aesthetic luxury. Edible gold - is 24 carat pure gold, produced by special "edible" technology.

Beauty Gold

Using of gold in cosmetology - an ancient tradition that found its expression in modern life.

Brand Name «Or Beauty Leaf» offers you a «Golden Mask» of pure gold for use in cosmetology.

Magic gold effect is noticeable and perceptible immediately after the procedure. The result of using a gold mask Name «Or Beauty Leaf» become deep hydration and nourishment.


Raritet corporation was founded in 1999 as a company specializing in the field of precision processing of precious metals.During activity of the company, the scope of use of these metals has expanded from architecture to cosmetology, from medicine to alternative energy sources.Coatings made of precious metals proved to be very high demand.

Today, the company's ability can satisfy a wide variety of requests. Products of Corporation "Raritet" distributed among several brands, each of which is designed to focus on specific applications of ultrathin precious metals.

For architectural and restoration direction is responsible brand "Raritet - gold leaf factory".Under this brand name we offer for your projects a goldleaf and a silverleaf for use in the decoration of architectural objects.

In the decoration of ceramic and glass products operating trademark "Raritet - preparations of precious metals." This Brand offers you a range of precious metal preparations.

In the direction of food industry operates Brand Name «Dear Chef», offering the attention of buyers edible gold and silver for all kinds of food products.

Brand Name «Or Beauty Leaf» working towards Wellness and Beaty, and specializes in the production of various forms of cosmetic precious metals.

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